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In this document, you will find in-depth description of all the features and functions available in the theme. If you have any questions not attended to by our template documentation, please contact us so our team can assist you. If you like our template, please leave your feedback and join us on Facebook!

We are looking forward to hearing back from you, and to improving further this and many other templates in our portfolio.


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File Structure

Complete list of all project-related folders, files and documents included in the zip file with your new theme can be found below.




Directory with Assets of Theme


Directory with Stylesheets of Theme


Admin Stylesheets


Customizer Stylesheets


Common Fixes


Stylesheets of Plugins


Directory with Fonts of Theme


Directory with Images of Theme


Directory with JavaScript of Theme


Core JS


JS Plugins


Front-End JS


WordPress JS


Directory with Video or Audio


Directory with Configuration of Plugin Dart Simple WP Cascade


Configuration Files of Customizer


Directory for Booking Plugin templates


Directory with Config Files (shortcodes, extensions, etc.) of Unyson


Directory with Core PHP-Code of Theme


Directory with loaders of theme


Directory with Core Classes


Extensions for WP-Customizer


Theme WP Widgets


Directory for Translates


Directory for Page Templates


Directory for Bundled Plugins


Directory for Template Parts


Directory for WooCommerce Templates


Installing the theme

Install via Wordpress Admin Dashboard

You can install theme via your WordPress dashboard.

Please note that your hosting provider must allow individual file uploads that are greater than 5 MB for this method to work.

Please following these steps:

1) Log in to your WP dashboard

2) On the left-side panel under WordPress Appearance, click on Themes section

3) Click "Add New" button

4) Click the "Upload Theme" button and browse to the zip file with your new theme

5) Once WordPress unzips relevant files, you will see a "Theme installed successfully" message, which could take some time. Once you see this message, please click the "Activate" link

6) Your new theme requires the following plugins to function properly:

  • Dart Simple Booking
  • Dart Simple Share Buttons
  • Dart Simple WP Cascade
  • YITH WooCommerce Wishlist
  • WordPress Social Login
  • Unyson
  • Contact Form 7
  • WooCommerce

Once the theme is installed and activated, please return to the Appearance > Themes section of your WP dashboard and click on "Begin Installing Plugins" button. On the screen that follows, click "Instal" under all the plugins on the list above. WooCommerce plugin won't be readily available on this screen, and needs to be installed separately.

7) Once plugins are installed, please return to the "Install Required Plugins" section to activate each plugin.

8) Your theme is now fully set-up and ready to use.


Install via FTP

To install theme via FTP, please follow these steps:

1) Unzip main theme files to a folder of your choice on your computer

2) Using FTP client of your choice (eg. Filezilla), login to the FTP account for the website where you would like to install the theme

3) Browse to the themes folder located at /wp-content/themes/

4) Upload all the main theme files you unpacked in step 1) to this folder /wp-content/themes/

5) Move plugin folders and files from the folder where you unpacked theme files to the following folder on your WP server: /wp-content/plugins

6) Theme and plugins will now become available for activation in your WordPress dashboard. Please follow the steps above to install and activate the theme.


Activate Theme

Once you upload the theme to WordPress, it needs to be activated for the site to change over to the new theme. To activate the theme, please follow these steps:

1) In your WordPress admin dashboard, browse to Appearence, Themes tab

2) Select your new theme and click Activate


Common Errors

Theme is missing the style.css stylesheet error

If you encounter this error, please check that all the steps in the installation process were followed correctly. If the issue persists, please refer to the following article by Envato.


Demo Import

We provide full demo data to help you get you started with the new theme as quickly and easily as possible. To further simplify the import process, and to ensure that you are able to import all graphics and images, the theme is equipped with a customized Import and Export feature.

To import demo content, please follow these steps:

1) Install all relevant plugins

Before you import demo data, the theme needs to be activated in your WordPress build. Additionally, all plugins need to be properly installed and activated. Please navigate to the last section of our documentation titled "Sources and Credits", where you will find full list of plugins used in the theme.

2) In your WP Dashboard, navigate to Tools > Demo Content Install, found Citymax Demo Content and click Install.

3) Wait for install demo content (this can take a while).


Theme Customization

Your new theme comes packed with great customization options to help you make it look and feel just the way you want it. All customization options are organized in group and can be found in your WordPress admin dashboard under Theme Options tab. Please refer to a detailed listing and description of these options below.


1) In the left-side panel of WP Admin Dashboard, click on Appearance -> Menus

2) Select a menu to edit, or create a new menu:


3) In the Menu Structure window that follows, add elements to your menu as necessary, and select Display location as Header (Primary Menu), Account Header (Primary Menu for Account Page), Account Menu or Footer Menu:

4) Click the "Save Menu" button


Additional Information

Please refer to the following article in WordPress Codex for additional information on customizing the menu.


If you need to enable social sharing on Products, please, follow this steps:

1) Go to Admin Dashboard

2) Go to Appearance -> Social Share

3) Set what social sharing you want to display.


Customizer Settings

For your convenience, we brought together settings for key content elements and sections in the theme that will help you personalize your theme quickly and easily. This section is subdivided in 4 sub-sections, with each sub-section dedicated to a separate section of the theme, including:

Homepage Template (all settings is available for page template: Homepage)

  • Header Options
  • Section One
  • Section Two
  • Section Three
  • Section Four
  • Contact Section

Colors Scheme

Template Setting

  • Blog Grid Layout
  • Index Grid Layout
  • Item Options
  • Common Options
  • Header Options

Footer Options

  • Copyright
  • Social Links


Homepage Template

Here we review content settings and customization options available for the theme's Homepage Template.



Available Options

Title of Header

Title for displaying in Homepage Header

Any Text Value

Description of Header

Description for displaying in Homepage Header

Any Text Value

Find Out More” link

Choose Link for Button inside the Homepage Header

List of Available Pages

Header Background Type

Choose what type of header are you need.

●             Picture

●             Video

●             Gradient

Section One view

Type of Section View

Three Types

“View All Spaces” link

Choose Link for Button inside the Section One.

List of Available Pages

Section One displaying

Hide/Show First Section


Section Two view

Type of Section View

Three Types

“See All” link

Choose Link for Button inside the Section Two.

List of Available Pages

Section Two displaying

Hide/Show Second Section


Section Three view

Type of Section View

Three Types

“See All” link

Choose Link for Button inside the Section Three.

List of Available Pages

Section Three displaying

Hide/Show Third Section


Section Four view

Type of Section View

Three Types

“Contact Us” link

Choose Link for Button inside the Section Four.

List of Available Pages

Section Four displaying

Hide/Show Fourth Section


Contact Form 7 Shortcode

Shortcode of your form.

CF7 Shortcode

Contact Section displaying

Hide/Show Contact Section



Colors Scheme



Available Options

Color Scheme

Color-scheme of your theme.

Red, Purple, Blue, Orange, Green, Dark


Template Settings

Here we review common settings of your theme view:



Available Options

Blog Grid Layout

Choose Type of Layout for Blog Page.

2 Columns, 3 Columns, 4 Columns, Default, Big Sidebar, Sidebar.

Index Grid Layout

Choose Type of Layout for Default Index Page.

2 Columns, 3 Columns, 4 Columns, Default, Big Sidebar, Sidebar.

Item Options

Choose Type of View for Products in Shop Pages.

Minimal, Detailed.

Display Rating Chooser in Header Search

Display/Hide Rating in Header Search.


Nav Menu Picture

Image for Displaying in Dropdown Menu Items of Primary Nav Menu

Image for Displaying.

“Show Me Item” Link

Products (if WooCommerce is enabled) or Posts+Pages Chooser for Link in Dropdown Menu Items of Primary Nav Menu

Dropdown of Products or Posts + Pages

Header Logo

Logo for Displaying in Header

Image for Displaying.

Header Logo Alternative

Logo for Displaying in Header with White Background

Image for Displaying.

Display of Search Form

Display/Hide Search Form in Header



Footer Options



Available Options


Copyright Text of your theme.

Any text

Social Links

Links to your social networks





A number of ready-to-use forms are available for you in the theme. Please refer to the below for information on how to configure and use these forms. The theme is using Contact Form 7 plugin to deliver these forms.

To manage contact form settings, please click on the Contact > Contact Forms link in the left-side panel of your WP dashboard.



Contact Form

Default Contact Form for Contacts Pages

Subscribe form Homepage

Subscribe Form for Contact Section of Homepage Template


Page Builder

The theme comes equipped with Unyson, boasting a user-friendly customization interface packed with value-added features. Use the intuitive drag-and-drop functionality to edit and customize your website with ease and speed. Read more about Unyson.


The theme is equipped with a number of sidebars matching the overall style and fitting harmoniously with the layout of the rest of the theme.

  • Citymax Sidebar - Main Sidebar for Default Index Page
  • Search Sidebar - Sidebar for Search Results Page
  • Post Sidebar - Sidebar for Default Post Page
  • Page Sidebar - Page for Default Page Template
  • Tag Sidebar - Sidebar for Search by Tag Results
  • Archive Sidebar - Sidebar for WordPress Archives of Posts.


Custom Elements

Aside from supporting all of the standard Unyson shortcodes, the following custom-developed elements are available for your use when creating new pages. We also added a separate page template named "Empty Page", which lets you create new pages from scratch with a clean slate.

Citymax Slider


  1. Title
  2. Population Method
  3. Slider Loop
  4. Full-Width Slider (Ignore defined width)
  5. Slider Width
  6. Slider Height

Once configured, the Slider block will appear in the theme as follows:

Custom Hooks

To simplify customization and help your coding needs when working with the theme, we developed a number of custom hooks, all of which are listed below for your reference.

Name Usage
citymax_redirect_to_input Output input `redirect_to`
citymax_header_logo Output Header Logo
citymax_header_attributes Output header attributes
citymax_header_primary_nav_menu Output Primary menu if defined
citymax_header_account_primary_nav_menu Output Account Primary nav_menu if defined
citymax_header_homepage_part Output header part with title and description (Only for Homepage Template)
citymax_header_tag_list Output tag-list for post categories and single posts
citymax_header_account_nav_menu Output Account nav_menu if defined
citymax_header_account_navbar_profile_block Output profile block in navbar
citymax_header_account_dropdown_menu Output header account dropdown menu
citymax_header_map_terms_list Output product categories in header-map template
citymax_header_map_terms_selected_list Output list of terms in header-map template
citymax_header_map_dropdown_list_terms_checkboxes Output dropdown checkboxes for mobile version
citymax_header_map_holder Output holder for Google Maps
citymax_header_map_full_height_holder Output full-height holder for Google Maps
citymax_footer_nav_menu Output Footer nav_menu
citymax_search_form_dropdown_list_terms_checkboxes Output terms in search form
citymax_search_form_dropdown_scroll_list_terms_checkboxes Output dropdown terms for search form
citymax_search_form_terms_moving_tags Output moving-tags for search form
citymax_search_form_rating Output rating in search form
citymax_search_form_all_days_tour_dropdown Output days-tour checkboxes for shop search
citymax_search_form_all_comfortable_fields Output comfortable checkboxes for shop search
citymax_search_form_all_type_food_fields Output type of food checkboxes
citymax_after_shop_search_search_labels Output terms labels in after-shop-search block
citymax_after_shop_search_terms_list Output terms list in after-shop-search block
citymax_after_shop_search_terms_checkboxes_list Output terms checkboxes list
citymax_after_shop_search_terms_checkboxes_list_large Output terms checkboxes list (large)
citymax_homepage_section_one Output first section of homepage
citymax_homepage_section_two Output second section of homepage
citymax_homepage_section_three Output third section of homepage
citymax_homepage_section_four Output four section of homepage
citymax_profile_header Output header of Profile Page
citymax_profile_dashboard_left_block Output left block of profile page
citymax_profile_dashboard_center_block Output center block of Profile Page
citymax_profile_dashboard_right_block Output right block of Profile Page
citymax_profile_recent_action_order_item Output Order Item in Recent Actions block
citymax_profile_recent_action_wp_comment Output WP_Comment in Recent Actions block
citymax_page_bookings_product_image Output Booking Product image
citymax_page_bookings_product_name Output Booking Product name
citymax_page_bookings_product_date_interval Output Booking Item date interval
citymax_page_bookings_product_address Output Booking Product address if exists
citymax_page_bookings_product_opened_hours Output Booking Product opened hours
citymax_page_bookings_product_totals Output Booking Product totals
citymax_page_bookings_order_status Output Booking Product status
citymax_page_bookings_order_totals Output Booking Order Totals
citymax_page_reviews_comment_date Output comment date
citymax_page_reviews_post_image Output image of reviewed post
citymax_page_reviews_edit_comment_link Output Edit Review Link
citymax_page_reviews_post_title Output reviewed post title
citymax_page_reviews_comment_content Output content of comment
citymax_page_reviews_count Output rating in review
citymax_page_reviews_quote_link Output `Quote` Link
citymax_support_sidebar_mobile_menu Output Mobile Menu of Support Sidebar
citymax_support_sidebar_default_menu Output default menu of Support Sidebar
citymax_page_main_support_categories_descriptions Output categories with description on page support
citymax_page_support_tabs Output Support Tabs
citymax_page_support_tabs_content Output Content of Support Tabs
citymax_content_all_tickets_status_of_ticket Output Status of Ticket
citymax_content_create_ticket_support_category_selector Output Ticket Category Selector
citymax_content_faq_list_accordion_categories Output accordion of ticket categories
citymax_content_faq_accordion_items Output content of accordion item
citymax_single_product_nav_buttons Output Nav Buttons of Single Product
citymax_single_product_center_content Output center content of single product
citymax_single_product_fotorama_slider Output Fotorama slider in the bottom of Single Product
citymax_single_product_opening_hours Output Product opening hours
citymax_single_product_sharer Output Social Share icons
citymax_single_product_navigation Output Navigation by Products
citymax_related_articles Output Related to current post articles
citymax_post_tags Output post tags
citymax_sticky_posts_display Output Sticky Posts of Blog


New Pages

Citymax is equipped with Unyson to facilitate creation of new pages. You can use any of the two templates for these purposes:

1) Standard template - already has sidebar, preview image on top of the page and social share buttons.

2) Empty template - designed for pages to be created from scratch using Citymax UI toolkit, Unyson and shortcodes.

Standard template appears as follows in your WP Admin dashboard:

Once configured, the block will appear in the theme as follows:


Unlike the above, Empty template by design is stripped of all default elements to give you more space:

To create a blank new page, please browse to the Pages section of the WP Admin Dashboard and select "Template Page Empty" under Template on the right side of the "Add New Page" screen.



Spotlights used for Homepage Template and display inside Fourth Section.

Settings of This Post Type:

  • Title
  • Content
  • Spotlight Icon

The edit menu will appear as follows when you click on edit or add new Spotlight:


Support Page

Support Page used for the Support Template and has own categories.

The edit menu will appear as follows when you click on edit or add new Support Page:


Support Ticket

Support Page used for the Profile Support, can be created by any user of site (with attachments) and has own categories.

The edit menu will appear as follows when you click on edit or add new Support Ticket:


Other Settings


Homepage Template

● Section One

  • Section Type - Type of the Section (displays at the top of the section)
  • Section Title - Title of the Section
  • Section Subtitle - Sub-Title of the Section
  • Section Posts Number - Count of Posts to Display inside the Section

● Section Two

  • Section Type - Type of the Section (displays at the top of the section)
  • Section Title - Title of the Section
  • Section Subtitle - Sub-Title of the Section
  • Section Posts Number - Count of Posts to Display inside the Section

● Section Three

  • Section Type - Type of the Section (displays at the top of the section)
  • Section Title - Title of the Section
  • Section Subtitle - Sub-Title of the Section
  • Section Posts Number - Count of Posts to Display inside the Section

● Section Four

  • Section Type - Type of the Section (displays at the top of the section)
  • Section Title - Title of the Section
  • Section Subtitle - Sub-Title of the Section
  • Section Posts Number - Count of Posts to Display inside the Section

● Contact Section

  • Section Title - Title of the Section
  • Section Subtitle - Sub-Title of the Section


Contact Map Template

● Map Point Settings

  • Latitude - Coordinate of Map Point
  • Longitude - Coordinate of Map Point
  • Service Name - Displays in pop-up of Map Point.
  • Address - Displays in pop-up of Map Point.


Shop Page

● Shop Type - Choose Shop View (Slider or Grid)



● Post Template - Choose Post View (Default (with sidebar) or Alternative)


Booking Products

● City of the Product - Text Input

● Address of the Product - Text Input

● Latitude - Coordinate of the Product

● Longitude - Coordinate of the Product

● Bookable Time



The theme comes with a full set of FontAwesome icons available to you for further customization.



To add new languages, or adjust translation, please edit translation file saved in the following folder:

● languages/dart-simple-citymax.pot

This main translation file is well-organized and links back to relevant files and lines of specific code impacted by translation, helping you to add new languages and edit existing ones as quickly and easily as possible.

You can use any open-source or commercial PO-file editing software to manage your translation files. One of such editors is available to you free of charge for basic version at ( available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS)


RTL Support

The theme supports Right-To-Left languages for maximum compatibility and global exposure.


Additional Information

Getting started with WPML-

Theme localization with WPML -


Sources & Credits

WordPress Plugins

Plugin Name




GPLv2 or later

Contact Form 7

GNU General Public License (GPL) v2



WP Social Login

MIT License

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

GPLv2 or later


Front-End Frameworks

  • Bootstrap 3 -


JavaScript & CSS

  • jQuery -
  • fotorama -
  • dararangepicker -
  • animate.css -
  • owl carousel -
  • perfect scrollbar -
  • html5shiv.js -
  • respond.js -
  • jquery -
  • moment.js -
  • jquery vide -
  • jquery matchHeight -



Fontawesome -

A number of custom-designed icons all available in the project for your use



  • Merriweather sans
  • Open Sans
  • Roboto
  • Google Fonts -



  • Pexels -
  • Pixabay -
  • Depositphotos -


Demo Images

Please note that images used in the demo are not included with the theme.

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